Monday, January 14, 2008

Time of Orchids (Progressive)

Time of Orchids - Namesake Caution
  1. In Color Captivating
  2. Windswept Spectacle
  3. Darling Abandon
  4. Parade of Seasons
  5. The Only Thing
  6. Gem
  7. Crib Tinge to Callow
  8. Meant (Hush-Hush)
  9. We Speak In Shards
  10. Entertainment Woes

As relatively new to the Time of Orchids line-up as I am, I’m still in the beginning stages of unlocking all that albums like Namesake Caution have to offer. As such, Time of Orchids 2006 release (on John Zorn’s label) Sarcast While and 2007’s Namesake Caution are alienating albums, ones that treat their “avant-garde” progressive rock with a blunt, oppressive flair. With layered vocals, off-kilter chords and an atmosphere not unlike that of a David Lynch film, there’s an ugly beauty to Namesake Caution that is fascinating, one that pushes its technical accomplishments of layered bass jives and jittery guitar chords into crossover appeal, if those few listeners are willing to work to understand it.