Thursday, January 17, 2008

St. Vincent (Indie Pop)

St. Vincent - Marry Me

  1. Now, Now
  2. Jesus Saves, I Spend
  3. Your Lips Are Red
  4. Marry Me
  5. Paris Is Burning
  6. All My Stars Aligned
  7. The Apocalypse Song
  8. We Put a Pearl in the Ground
  9. Landmines
  10. Human Racing
  11. What Me Worry?
If I cared about credibility, maybe I wouldn't consider putting the guitarist of The Polyphonic Spree's debut solo album within our first four posts, along side such hardcore albums as Ceremony's or Cease Upon the Capitol's. Then again, Annie Clark (or St. Vincent) looks real cute alongside Ceremony. And so here's Marry Me (sweet Arrested Development reference), an indie pop record that not only capitalizes on Clark's abilities as a guitarist (the guitar solo to "Now, Now"), but showcases her talents as one of the genre's leading songwriters. She might get a little top-heavy as the album bounces around in styles and character personalities, but between jaded ballads and sauntering pop highlights, Marry Me's eclecticism only proves how well Annie Clark, as St. Vincent, can craft a song. If she can learn to hone it in to create something stable, she can only get better from here.


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