Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ceremony (Hardcore)

Ceremony- Violence, Violence + Ruined EP
1. Violence
2. Ghosts
3. Living Hell
4. My Hands Are Made Of Spite
5. Along
6. Nail
7. Bite Down
8. Cross Them Out
9. Violence
10. Clouds Of Fire
11. Pressure's On
12. Walking Home
13. Asleep
14. Kersed
15. It's Going To Be A Cold Winter
16. This Is My War
17. You're All The Same
18. Troubled Water's
19. Throwing Bricks
20. I Want To Put This To An End

Ceremony are a So-Cal hardcore band that takes the vague sound Integrity pioneered, throws in a bunch of time spent listening to Infest, and then produces a trash-influenced hardcore result that just kicks all sorts of ass. While they are probably done being the "it" thing in hardcore now with emergence of Blacklisted, they still produced this intense LP "Violence, Violence" and took the scene by storm. While "Violence, Violence," itself is pretty damn good, if perhaps a bit too influenced by its thrash roots, the inclusion of the "Ruined" EP is what makes the truly worth having, as its one of the best hardcore 7 inches to ever be released.



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